Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh lawdy

I've handled a lot of difficulties during my tenure as a parent. Nothing, not the reflux, the milk protein sensitivities, picky eating, regular teething, RSV, or even the spiteful couch peeing (another story for another day, my friends) has been as bad as the two-year-molars.

Oh my god.

Just thinking about the last month and a half makes me want to cry. It's been a non-stop blur of screaming, hitting, pushing, kicking, crying and whining. Oh my lord, the whining. The ear-piercing whining. It's the last thing I hear at night, the first thing I hear in the morning and most nights it's the thing I hear as Gretchen comes crawling into bed with us. My ears hurt, and I am exhausted. I am sick of being upbeat and cheery. I can only imagine how she feels.

I had a glimmer of hope this week; the bottom molars are almost all the way through and my smart, funny, happy, thoughtful girl was back. Or so I thought. Tonight she complained of a sore throat. I asked her to show me where it hurt, and she pointed to her upper jaw. Fantastic.

I hope I make it through round two with some of my sanity intact but it doesn't seem likely. If you find me alone, ears covered, rocking back and forth and mumbling incoherently, you'll know why.


So tell me: what are your favorite remedies for teething pain? Hyland's Teething Tablets never did much for us, and giving her Popsicle all day long seems a little ill advised and ibuprofen isn't making a dent. What do you do for your kids when they are similarly insufferable?


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